Its all about Music

Music intonates in our minds everyday, it boost our feelings and makes us joyous. Music is a great type of entertainment, after silence music comes the closest to expressing the in expressible.

Which is Better Friendship or Love

Debating on the age old notion of love and friendship has led me to cross swords with a lot of faithlings. I, for one, agree with the fact that friendship and love are inter-related though separated by a very thin border whose crossing over needs emotion and a lot of heart.

Calm & Happiness, The Long Lived Desire

What is that one thing for which we strive for in life? Our goal in life? Everyone of you give a long list of items such as big bank balance, beautiful and graceful spouse / children, property, business, cars, traveling, adventures, status, security, self esteem etc.

Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff! Oh Cool Stuff! The symbols of the 21st Century! The inventions that have made our life easier and which have popped out the tummies of the average adult even before the age of the belly.

Why do girls love pink color?

Its Sunday morning and you are awake while everyone else is sleeping, you are feeling odd that you woke up so early and starting to get bored, in this boredom you move to the balcony to take a quick peek suddenly you see a girl wearing pink dress who lives next door. The light pink […]

Pakistan India Cricket series was Fixed

The India-Pakistan series resulted in one sided game with Pakistan did white wash in TEST series, while  in ONE DAY series India did the same. Such a result in series in which each team side line other is shocking for fans of cricket.