Why do girls love pink color?

Its Sunday morning and you are awake while everyone else is sleeping, you are feeling odd that you woke up so early and starting to get bored, in this boredom you move to the balcony to take a quick peek suddenly you see a girl wearing pink dress who lives next door. The light pink color suits perfectly on her, she looks cute, her face is shining and you are helpless to take your eyes off her.

After some time this day dreaming of yours ended when her brother came and she left with him and you were also forced to leave the balcony. Afterwards you thought of her due to her pink dress she left a sparkling image in your mind.

How cute they look in pink color like it was made especially for them. On the other hand black color looks sexy on both the sexes, creating attraction between them. Opposite gender are always attracted to each other and color enhances their power of attraction.
I like pink, it really suits on girls but too much of something can be annoying, like i think black suits me but I am not addicted to it. Colors are the many ways which turn on a guy; especially when there is pink involved it moves the hotness to a whole new level. Colors are one of the many ways which can turn a girl from nerdy to a beauty bomb.
Feminine character has always attracted masculine for centuries in ways one could possibly imagine, with its distinctive and perplexed nature the female have always show appeal for male.
Since black color has become the symbol of sexiness ultimately turning Pink into symbol of cuteness therefore girls wearing pink either in clothes or having pink accessories both gives the sense of cuteness and sexiness in the eye of a man and turns on the attraction in her.
Mostly girls love wearing pink and from decades this color has never been become dull.
In conclusion I would like to say that pink color looks cool/hot/sexy/appealing.


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