Happily Ever After

HAPPILY EVER AFTER.…… thats the dream of everyone. Thats what we see in fairy tales and want our endings like them. Its the life that everyone wants. There is a mis- concept in our society that MARRIAGE IS THE KEY TO HAPPILY EVER AFTER.. This concept is totally wrong.

Goal or Target of life

SHOULD I MAKE A GOAL? Yes one should make a goal in life if one has to achieve something. Making a goal or a target is the main quality of most successfull people. When you have a goal, or you have set up a goal, you tend to work according to it, to achieve it […]

Mission or goal of a life

MISSION:- A purpose, or a reason, What are we doing? and Why are we doing it?, duty, the path that leads to achieve VISION, to inspire us, not to impress others – One doesn’t invent a MISSION, just detects it – MISSION= action verb Actions are more louder & stronger than words.