Its all about Music

Music intonates in our minds everyday, it boost our feelings and makes us joyous. Music is a great type of entertainment, after silence music comes the closest to expressing the in expressible.

People the music artistry is going these days with a big smile on his face as it blooming and glooming with a new artist every other day and a catchy melodious songs that will take you away for a while in the thoughts of your lover or some times makes you dance the night away.

The artists who topped the charts last year are coming up with a new song every moment some sing about money other sing about love and so on the rest music does its magic, like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Kesha they all rocked the house with their inspiring and enchanting voices.

Music became passion and people are more and more attracted towards it, as a result we are seeing new artists and new faces with better songs, the top stars like Hugh Grant, Will Ferrell, started singing and popular artists like Jenifer Lopez started doing movies also, and it gets better when the movies got involved with music industry got mixed up creating a Good and fine piece of cocktail flowing through the minds of the audience.

This year there’s a whole new variety of songs from different genre, from rock n roll to spicy dance and pop n rap to electro-trans music we have all heard and enjoyed, danced and fell in love with them, but that isn’t the end it gets better, every new day means new beat and the songs just keep getting better and better.

Jason derulo with his ‘Future history’ and Drake giving out the best in ‘Take care’ while Rihanna did ‘Talk that talk’ with the most pleasing tracks. These were my favorite singers and also don’t forget chris brown, who did unstoppable rapping in his song ‘Look at me now’.

All in all I can conclude that music is wonderful, superb, marvelous and mind-blowing Description: :-Punless and until we are sober enough to understand it Description: :-P


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