Laser Eye Surgery

Everyone has the right to see the beautiful creation of God and cherish its beauty, but one should remember that each one of us has defects in themselves; no one is perfect. God has embedded these shortcomings, so one can work hard to correct the flaw and be thankful for all the giving. One common […]

Top 10 Iphone Games

In this age of electronic warfare, iPhone has seized its opportunity to become the leading seller of cellular smartphones all over the globe. Its glaring success has been attributed to its hi-tech features that it provides to the consumers. But the one thing that really pushes iPhone above other smartphones (especially Androids) is its ability […]

Foods to Avoid if I Have High Blood Pressure

What to do if you are having headache along with tinnitus (hissing or buzzing in the ears) and fainting? Go to the doctor and have your blood pressure checked because you might have hypertension. Hypertension is a chronic medical condition of elevated blood pressure that taxes the heart and it may result in damage to […]

Age of Android

When we think of an operating system, what comes up to your mind? Ah! Yes I know. It is Windows isn’t it? Or is it Mac? The simple pronunciation of the mere word operating system makes us remember the times of sitting helplessly in front of our microcomputers divulging ourselves in the wonders of an […]

Online Currency Converter

Currency Conversion rates or Forex rates varies on daily basis in open market. People with interest in currency rates or people with business depended on currency conversion have big interest in knowing the Forex rates as they updated.

Best Gift for Boyfriend

Most of the time girls fail to get what their love / boyfriend will be happy to have. If you want to have your boyfriend feels special, try to judge his nature & mood & then decide what he will like to have as a valentine or birthday present.