Noodle Pakoras Recipe

INGREDIENTS:- Noodles= 2 packets (Masala flavour or any Spicy flavour) Cottage Cheese= 100 grams cut into small 1 inch cubes) Green chillies= 3-4 (chopped) Gram Flour (Besan)= 100 grams Mint leaves= to Sprinkle (finely chopped) Worcestershire Sauce= 2 tbsp Water= ½ Cup Oil= for deep frying Salt= to taste Tomato Ketchup= to serve Green Mint […]

Baked Vegetables in White Sauce

INGREDIENTS:- Carrots= 1 cup (finely chopped in small tiny squares or thinly vertically sliced) Potatoes= 2 Potatoes boiled Cauliflower= 1 cup chopped Peas= 1 cup optional (boiled) Bell Pepper or Capsicum= 1 (chopped in small squares and stir fried in 2 tbsp Oil) Yakhni Chicken Soup)= 4 sachets or 4 cups Butter= 8-10 tbsp Milk= […]