Doctor Khurram Hair Tips

As everyone wants to have thick, shiny and long hair. Here we are sharing some tips for healthier hair of a renown Dr Khurram Mushir. Kindly follow the steps given below and share your experience through comments. 1- COMPLETE TREATMENT OF HAIR LOSS AND THIN HAIR: INGREDIENTS: Arnica hair oil – 10ml Tea tree oil […]

Say no to soft drinks.

Soft drink: It is a non-alcoholic, carbonated beverages containing flavorings, sweeteners and other ingredients. In this recent decade we all just addicted to soft drink. But most of us don’t know about it’s harmful affect on our body which can have dangerous effect in our later life. Dehydration: Almost 70% of our body contained water. […]

Hot and sour soup

Soup People use the soup in china in between 6th and 7th century. It works as a good appetizer. The use of soup increase mostly in winter season. A chef named Ling prepared hot and sour soup for the very first time in his small restaurant. People liked it very much. Let’s learned the method […]

Tips for a glowing skin

SKIN Skin is the thin layer of tissue covering the upper part of our body. Like the other organs of our body (stomach, lungs, heart etc) skin is also an important organ of our body and plays a vital role in our life. It protects our body from infections and and keeps us from getting […]