Ever considered: what are the roles of a women?? A women has thousands of roles to play in this world. mother sister daughter daughter in law sister in law teacher trainer friend life partner but the basic role of a women is Abd‘  which we usually forget.

Best VISION for life

WHAT IS VISION? too see beyond realityan ability to see, create or invent that doensn’t exist, existing in mind,not reality, live out of imagination, instead of memory, have a different prospective, plan to achieve something in the near future, e.g:-  Father-Child- Doctor

CLASSIFICATION of minds and their types

BRAIN A brain has two minds:- Concious Mind Subconcious Mind 1. CONCIOUS MIND:- – can do one single task at a time, -calculative mind – works in Present 2. SUB CONCIOUS MIND:- – has the ability to do multiple tasks at a time – reactive mind -our memories are stored in it – works automatically […]

Parenting – No time for spouse

The newly wed phase is like a fairy tale i.e flattering and surreal. the couple take their time to know each other well, share everything together,and get relaxed and de stress by enjoying different activites and adventures with each others company. but soon this all soothing peace is interrupted by cries, dirty diapers and cough […]