Restaurant Review


Hearing a lot of positive feedbacks and reading a lot of positive comments on Social Media, Face book and through friends, me and my friend with our spouses decided to go for dinner on a Friday night to Vintage Bakeshop and Café. 

Sattar Bukhsh Cafe Food Review

Last Week, I and my friends planned out to give a surprise birthday party to a friend of ours. We decided to go to Sattar Bukhsh Café as the birthday girl, my friend wanted to try it since very long time back.

After Eight Restaurant – Review

Yesterday, my family planned out to go for dinner somewhere. I suggested them to check After Eight Restaurant in Bahadurabad Area, Karachi. I had already heard that the food over here is good through a friend of mine. So we went in..

BURGER INC. – Food Review

Few days back, I had the opportunity with a friend to visit Burger Inc. , The Gulshan-e-Iqbal branch near National Stadium Next to Shazz Super Market. I had already tried it, but I had to write a review about it, so I went in, again.