Which is Better Friendship or Love

Debating on the age old notion of love and friendship has led me to cross swords with a lot of faithlings. I, for one, agree with the fact that friendship and love are inter-related though separated by a very thin border whose crossing over needs emotion and a lot of heart.

And this crossing over if done deliberately leads to the misconception of love that has crept into the minds of the current generation.A person can cross over from friendship to love but from love to friendship it is impossible. This is mainly due to obvious limitations associated with friendship which are not so with a lover. Most of the times, these are physical limitations which are reserved for a lover. So why is love discriminate from friendship? I will discuss it here with you.

Shakespeare once said about friendship, “A friend should bear his friend’s infirmities.” From a Shakespearian point of view, friendship is about tolerance and patience. I disagree with this. Isn’t it the same when we see love? Though differently, I assume it to be the same between two lovers. I think of friendship as the purest of all relationships where there is an exercise of choice not compulsion. The toughest part of a friendship is honoring it because a true friend is a masterpiece of nature. The bond of friendship does not grow or shed overnight, rather it is a slow growing process with an increasing strength to tackle adversities before it may result in appellation.

Love on the other hand is a means of sacrificing ones liking for those whom he/she loves.These days, people treat their loved ones as their own property. Love does not necessarily mean that. For e.g. Can you see your love with someone else with whom he/she is happy? The answer would be definitely no, which in my view is a wrong perception. When you love someone, you see their happiness not your own and you wish to see them happy always. This fact applies to everything concerned with your loved one. Whether it is buying something for them or seeing them going out with someone else, the only thing you think about is them. That is why love, as compared to friendship, is often accompanied by hardships and hurt. But the truth is that when you are able to withstand all the hardships just for the sake of your loved one’s happiness makes you realize that you in fact are in love with that person and which is itself a wonderful feeling!

Friendship is necessarily two sided. You do something for your friend and in return you are expecting the same. This is not the case with love, which is usually without any expectations whatsoever. Both friendship and love require care and concern from you, but in love concern from the other end is not a must. One of the most common facets of love is that the intimacy that two people share is greater, deeper and much different from that of friendship. Most people would say that both these relationships lasts forever but the truth is that you are bound to spend more time with your loved one than with your friend.

A relationship first starts with a friendship which then goes on further to be blossomed by love. The human mind is always willing to wander into an unknown territory which most of the times results in the emergence of love in a friendship. This suspense makes wandering into love even more intriguing. Love itself is blind. We cannot foresee the outcome of love, all we can do is hope for the best. This makes love wonderful, much more wonderful than friendship. Because in reality love is with friendship, but friendship alone is minus of love.


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