Best VISION for life

  • too see beyond realityan ability to see,
  • create or invent that doensn’t exist,
  • existing in mind,not reality,
  • live out of imagination, instead of memory,
  • have a different prospective,
  • plan to achieve something in the near future,

e.g:-  Father-Child- Doctor

Any Vision needs:-

  • Focus,
  • Determination,
  • Steadfastiness


  • Limited:

e.g:- of americans, earn 5 days and spend all in 2 days (on weekends), then again from monday earn 5 days and spend all on last two days of the week.



  • Illusion:-

– An idea or opinion that is wrong (unnatural principles), fails to give quality of life,depends on moods and feelings.

– like Secret friendships.

– If the trust breaks, that eventually happens, (because everything is un natural), we don’t want to dream again. We don’t trust our dreams again.

– In the Holy Quran Allah (S.W.T) tells us to IMAGINE …



  • Partial:-

– neglects mental and spiritual needs but maybe fulfills physical or other needs

e.g:-  follow rat race, materialistic attitude.

e.g:- If she is wearing a branded lawn suit of orth 6000, y shouldn’t I wheather seeing my status or whether seeing my pocket that can i buy it o not.



  • Social Mirrors:-

– To look yourself in others mirrors

– Always caring about people and “What people will say?”

– only to satisfy people.

– only seeing ‘what people are expecting from me?’

– e.g:- MEHENDI, MAYYO events in Shadi (marriage)

– they don’t use their senses and intincts. they follow other paths blindly.

– Allah (S.W.T.) has given us brain and senses to use

– if you follow social mirrors,  you loose connection with your innerself this way.



  • Values:-

– Every religion has the same basic values.

– e.g:- truth, Honesty, Sincerity, Commitment, Ambition, etc

– when there are values, Imaan automatically develops.

– when Imaan develops, by practicing, it will makes our HABITS.

– the principle values that are based on Quran and Sunnah, gives Vision and also give Satisfaction and Inner peace.

– the Prophet Mohammad’s (S.A.W) vision as shown by Allah was to see that Islam spreads all over the world.

– unfortunately Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) was no able to see this vision being accomplished. but now, as his Ummati, we have to accomplish it.

– Its not necessary that we see our Visions being accomplished in our lifetimes.

– Vision basically is Legacy.


Due to :-

  • PASSION for Vision,
  •  always ready to SACRIFICE,
  • selfless DEDICATION,

                              VISION= TODAY, TOMORROW & AT THE END


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