Parenting – No time for spouse

The newly wed phase is like a fairy tale i.e flattering and surreal. the couple take their time to know each other well, share everything together,and get relaxed and de stress by enjoying different activites and adventures with each others company.
but soon this all soothing peace is interrupted by cries, dirty diapers and cough
gone are the days when the happy couple had time for each other by talking or sharing stufff without being interrupted.
and during summers, as chldren are at home, parents should take ways out for each other.. if not hours. then minutes from their routines to enjoy some exclusive time together. enjoy this little time by thinking less is more. spend quality time together instead of complaining about quantity time.

early morning when the children are asleep, or they have gone to school, spend time with each other. avail the chance of having each others company. if there is someone to babysit, get to them to do it. so you two should leave for a walk or have breakfast together. even an hour spent together of quality time will make a big difference.
If you have to go for a Dinner or a Party where other relatives are also going, send the children along with them if possible and stiop at a cafe for coffee and cake or stop for an ice cream. It does not matter if you’ll spend half hour like this together but it should be a qulity time completely being with each other. You’ll see a positive effect of such outings on your relationships.
going for grocery to sunday bazar or any open air market is not the romantic place to hang out as couple but as Sundays are family days, and everyone is home, u can leaveyour children and go in the mornings for grocery, shopping or any other place of your interest. Buy items for house together without little hands tugging on your sleeves, constant complaints of lifting them up or thirsts or going to toys section directly.
enjoy shopping and buying house hold stuff together.
Tire the children in the afternoon with different activities by taking them swimming, playing with them, biking or taking them to clubs or parks. tuck them early in bed and let them deep sleep. now , cook up some favourite cuisines together or order in a meal and spend time together chatting and enjoying each others company instead of watching television or a movie for de stressing which would not allow to exchange thoughts, ideas or discussions.
Leave the children at their friends or cousins place for half an hour and and enjoy the unique and excursive experiences with other. go and enjoy icecream or road side vendors snacks like chaat and pani puri. or spend time talking to each other and sharing stuff while driving.
enjoy this time together.
After the children sleep, have a heart to heart talk to each other before retiring to bed at night. discuss your routine, share ideas , have a cup of tea or coffee together. find some exlusive and quality time together to enlighten the relationship. It makes a big difference to lighten your worries before tucking in for the night , ensuring you sleep well without any thoughts. this time spent together will fire up the waning spark in a realtionship.


Instead of complaining about how parenting is affecting your privacy, and disturbed time with your spouse, capitalize on the little moments that you can enjoy together . try to find or take out some exclusive time together for the betterment of your relationship. Think about how and when you can take out the exclusive hour, or less for each other. and then let the good time roll!!! 🙂


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