How to get rid of dark circles under Eyes?

10 HOME REMEDY TO CURE DARK CIRCLES Dark discolouration of the skin under the eye is known as Dark Circles. Heredity, ageing, dry skin, prolonged crying, working in front of a computer for long hours, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep or waking up late in the morning (too much sleep), drinking less water, […]

Special Chicken Tikka (Grilled) Recipe

INGREDIENTS:- Chicken= 1 whole cut into 8 pieces Ginger/ Garlic Paste= 1 tbsp Lime Juice= 2 tbsp Yogurt= ½ Cup Turmeric Powder= 2 tsp Coriander Seeds= 2 tbsp All Spices Powder= 2 tsp Red Chillies= 3 dried Onion= ½ chopped Salt= 1 tsp Oil= 1 tbsp French Fries= for serving Tomato Ketchup= for serving

CHINA GRILL – Food Review

Being a Food lover and a Food Blogger, we tried China Grill in Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi. So we opted to order GENERAL TSOS CHICKEN with Fried Rice which was mentioned on 3rd number.  General TSOS Chicken is a black sauce gravy with Chicken having til (Sesame) in them. The price mentioned for this […]