Walnut Halwa (Akhrot ka halwa) Recipe


* Walnuts= ½ kg

* Cocoa Powder= 1 tbsp

* Condensed Milk= 1 can

* Milk= 1 litre

* Sugar= 1 cup

* Oil= 4 tbsp

* Cardamom small= 50 grams (grounded)

* Pistachios= for decoration

* Almonds= for decoration


Ground the Walnuts.

Boil Milk with the Walnuts on low flame.

Add Oil and Cardamom.

When half cooked, pour Condensed Milk and add Sugar till it becomes dry. (Mixture 1)

Mix Cocoa Powder separately in Milk.

Add this in Mixture 1.

Pour this in a dish.

Take Pistachios and Almonds and dip them in water. Peel them and cut them vertically in small thin pieces.

Sprinkle these Pistachios and Almonds over the Walnut Halwa (Akhrot ka Halwa).


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