CHINA GRILL – Food Review

Being a Food lover and a Food Blogger, we tried China Grill in Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi.

So we opted to order GENERAL TSOS CHICKEN with Fried Rice which was mentioned on 3rd number.  General TSOS Chicken is a black sauce gravy with Chicken having til (Sesame) in them. The price mentioned for this General TSOS Chicken was 400 Rs (the drink wasn’t included).

As soon as we placing the order, we saw a poster stick on the wall with some sort of Cricket World Cup deal. The deal was to buy any Chinese Gravy with Rice and Drink in 370 Rs.  We were attracted to this deal as it was quite reasonable. 

The guy on the counter who was taking the Order did not even mention us this deal. Other wise we would have ordered the 400 rs deal without the drink and he would have taken extra charges for the drink.

Normally every person sees the deals right in the front board when one has to order something. But you should see around also so you would not miss the deal stick on the corner.

General TSOS Chicken in Black Gravy wasn’t that good as we expected.  It wasn’t yummy at all. Not even the presentation of the food served was appealing. The taste was sweet. The size of the serving was enough but it lacked some ingredient in the taste. General TSOS Chicken looked so tempting in the picture on the board as well on the brochure placed there on the counter in China Grill, Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi that we decided to order but in real, it wasn’t tempting at all and very different from the picture shown.

I will vote China Grills General TSOS Chicken 5/10.



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