Salads are the best for the healthy diet. People prefer eating salads for Dieting. but somethings people get bored of eating raw vegetables. Here is a recipe of how to have a yummy Russian salad with staying healthy:-

CLASSIFICATION of minds and their types

BRAIN A brain has two minds:- Concious Mind Subconcious Mind 1. CONCIOUS MIND:- – can do one single task at a time, -calculative mind – works in Present 2. SUB CONCIOUS MIND:- – has the ability to do multiple tasks at a time – reactive mind -our memories are stored in it – works automatically […]

Parenting – No time for spouse

The newly wed phase is like a fairy tale i.e flattering and surreal. the couple take their time to know each other well, share everything together,and get relaxed and de stress by enjoying different activites and adventures with each others company. but soon this all soothing peace is interrupted by cries, dirty diapers and cough […]


WATER MELON AND LIME SLUSH A lip- smacking drink to keep you hydrated with water melon, lime and ginger. Beat the heat with this delicious Slush. INGREDIENTS:- 2-3 Tbsp Sugar, 3 Tbsp Lime Juice, 2 Tbsp Ginger Juice, 3 Cups Cold Sparkling Water, 6 Cups Cold. Cubed and Seeded Watermelon DIRECTIONS:- Combine Watermelon, Lime juice, […]