To Diet or to Exercise??

If you have a tendency to put on weight, a slow metabolism and a fierce passion for eating, how do you fight your pounds?? Once we  realize that we are overweight, we start planning crash diets, exercises, walk,  zeroing certain foods, tread milling, etc. but what happens when we stop?? The weight comes back with […]

How GOOGLE Plans to Take Over Your World

Google may not have unveiled any new gadgets at this year’s I/O, but what the Big G did announce was more revealing: a bid to become the nexus of your technological existence, whatever hardware you choose.

Sony Vaio Pro 13 – Light As a Feather

Trust Sony to come up with an ultrabook that breaks the oomph barrier. The Vaio Pro 13 is, at the time of writing, the lightest yet… tipping the scales at a little over 1kg. A true size zero if ever there was one…