Mission or goal of a life

MISSION:- A purpose, or a reason, What are we doing? and Why are we doing it?, duty, the path that leads to achieve VISION, to inspire us, not to impress others – One doesn’t invent a MISSION, just detects it – MISSION= action verb Actions are more louder & stronger than words.


Ever considered: what are the roles of a women?? A women has thousands of roles to play in this world. mother sister daughter daughter in law sister in law teacher trainer friend life partner but the basic role of a women is Abd‘  which we usually forget.

Delicious lemon and ginger drink soothing mocktail drink

Cool off the heat with the following delicious Mocktail:- REFRESHING LEMON AND GINGER DRINK :- INGREDIENTS:– 1 KG Lemon, 1/2 KG Ginger, Sugar- to taste 7up or Sparkling Water DIRECTIONS:– Juice the lemon and Ginger or make it into a paste and remove any bits. Boil this with Sugar (to taste). Cool and serve by […]


  SKIN BENEFITS OF CUCUMBER:- Cucumber is one of the few vegetables that only tastes yummy, but also works great for your skin. It is the essential element for any kind of home beauty treatment. It has recently made its way to the list of hot favourites among beauty lovers. It is a surprising beauty […]

Best VISION for life

WHAT IS VISION? too see beyond realityan ability to see, create or invent that doensn’t exist, existing in mind,not reality, live out of imagination, instead of memory, have a different prospective, plan to achieve something in the near future, e.g:-  Father-Child- Doctor