JUNK FOOD Or Addictive Drugs

Who is not fond of Junk food? Every one is. because:

  • its easy to eat
  • and its not expensive.
  • its easy to buy
  • its more yummier

But do you know that Junk Food causes fattening and different diseases??? Recent researches show that fattening snacks i.e, junk Foods could be as addictive as heroine and cigarettes. According to the research, Drug addiction and Obesity are based on the same underlying neurobiological mechanisms. Food hign in fat or sugar triggers the same pleasure centres in the brain as drugs and tobacco, making them difficult to give up. The studies also concluded that some parts of the brain gets unbalanced after eating  junk food.The same parts of the brain gets unbalanced after taking cocaine or heroine. To remain fit and healthy, one must make subtle changes and simple alterations in life . New eating habits will eventually replace the old ones. such as giving up sugar in tea, or replacing full fat milk with skimmed milk, etc. Some experts experimented on rats. Cheesecake, bacon and sausages were fed to rats. The rats got addicted and completed lost control over their eating behaviour and continued to eat junk even after receiving electric shocks. However, rats on the normal diet avoided unhealthy food. This show how do we get addicted to Junk.


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