Snack Attack – Food Review

Snack Attack Angry Chicken (3)


We recently tried Snack Attack after hearing so many positive comments from our friends.

At food court, Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road we were looking at the different counters of the food and were thinking what to buy when we came across Snack Attack. I think it was the only Restaurant in this food court which had the huge line of people waiting to order. So we decided to try out!

We ordered Angry Chicken Burger first. It was a burger with Spicy Crispy Chicken inside with Cheese and Jalapenos. It tasted yum as it was Spicy Cheese Burger with Jalapenos and I am a Cheese plus Spicy lover.  The price was also reasonable.

We wanted to have French Fries as well. My friend and I were confused in ordering One Potato Two Potato (OPTP) fries or Snack Attack ones. So we gave a try and ordered Snack Attack’s Classic French Fries. Their Classic French Fries have the toppings of Nacho Cheese and Jalapenos but we requested them to pour Mayo as well as masala over the top. I swear these were the Yummiest and Delicious French fries I have eaten in my whole life. They were so heavenly that one cannot stop their hands from grabbing them.

Snack Attack Angry Chicken (2) Snack Attack Angry Chicken (4) Snack Attack Angry Chicken (1) Snack Attack Angry Chicken (2)

Thumbs up for the wonderful taste of Snack Attack’s  Angry Chicken Burger and Classic French Fries. I would prefer and recommend these both to everyone to try them.

I will rate Snack Attack’s Angry Chicken Burger  8/10 and the Classic French Fries (with the topping of Nacho Cheese, Jalapenos, Mayo and Masala )  10/10.


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