Chicken Cheesy Lasagna Recipe



  • Chicken= 1 kg Boneless
  • Chilli Sauce=6 tbsp
  • Soya Sauce= 6 tbsp
  • Worcestershire Sauce= 8 tbsp
  • Oil= for frying
  • Chicken Tikka Masala= 3 tbsp (readymade packet one)
  • Salt= to taste
  • Ajinomoto (Chinese Salt)= to taste
  • Black Pepper= 3tbsp
  • White Pepper= 3 tbsp
  • Red Chilli Powder= 3 tbsp
  • Mustard Powder= 1-2 tbsp
  • Chicken powder= 1 tbsp
  • Capsicum= 2 (finely cut in slices)
  • Carrots= 4 (thinly vertically sliced)
  • Onion= 2 (thinly sliced vertically)
  • Cheddar Cheese= 1 ½ big packet grated
  • Mozzarella Cheese= 1 big packet grated
  • Lasagne Strips= 1 packet
  • Black Coal= 1 for smoke
  • Ginger/Garlic Paste= 1 -2 tbsp
  • Tomato Puree= ½ cup
  • Oregano= ½ tsp

For White Sauce:-

  • Milk= ½ kg or ½ litre
  • Flour (Maida)= 4-6 tbsp
  • Butter= 4 tbsp
  • Black Pepper= ½ tsp
  • White Pepper= ½ tsp
  • Salt= to taste
  • Cheddar Cheese= 2-3 tbsp grated




Take ½ kg boneless Chicken in a bowl and cut it into 1 inch square cubes.

Add 1 tbsp Red Chilli Powder, Salt to taste, Ajinomoto to taste, Black pepper 1 tsp, White Pepper ½ tsp, Chicken Powder 1 tbsp, Soya Sauce 2 tbsp, Chilli Sauce 2 tbsp, Worcestershire Sauce 2 tbsp and let it marinate for 2 hours or so. (Chicken # 1)

Take ½ kg boneless Chicken in a separate bowl and cut it vertically in thin slices. Add Mustard powder 1 tbsp, Red Chilli Powder 1tbsp, Black Pepper 1 tsp, White Pepper 1 tsp, Salt to taste, Ajinomoto (Chinese Salt) nearly a pinch, Chicken Tikka Masala 2-3 tbsp, Chilli Sauce 2 tbsp, Worcestershire Sauce 2 tbsp and Soya Sauce 2 tbsp. Let it marinate for 2 hours or so. (Chicken # 2)

Take Oil in a pan and add Ginger/ Garlic Paste. Add the marinated Chicken (Chicken # 1) to it. Fry till the Chicken gets tender. Keep the dish aside.

Take Oil in a separate Pan and add the other marinated Chicken (Chicken # 2). Cook till the Chicken gets tender.

Heat a Coal and keep it in Chicken # 2 and cover the pan with the lid of the pan to get the Chicken smoked properly.

Now take a separate pan. Add Oil to it and Stir fry all the Vegetables. Add Salt, Black Pepper, White pepper, Ajinomoto (Chinese Salt), Soya Sauce, Chilli Sauce and Worcester shire and mix with a spoon for 3-5 minutes on a low flame. Mix Chicken # 1 with it.

Boil the Lasagne Strips in water and soak the water out when the Lasagne Strips are cooked. Wash them with normal water pour 2 tbsp Oil over them so they do not get dry and stick to each other. Separate each Strip in a tray.

To make White Sauce, take a pan and add Maida (flour) and butter together and mix with a spoon continuously. As soon as this starts turning brown, on a low flame, add Milk slightly little by little while constant stirring so you won’t be getting clumps. Then add Salt to taste, Black Pepper ½ tsp, White Pepper ½ tsp and Let the Milk boil while constantly stirring on a low flame. Let it boil for 15-20 minutes then add 4 tbsp of grated Cheddar Cheese to make the sauce thick. Switch off the stove and let it cool for 30-40 minutes.

Take a square or a rectangle Baking Tray. Grease it with Oil. Add a layer of lasagne side by side as to cover the base of the baking tray. Then spread the Chicken # 1 mixture to it.

Cover it with White Sauce. Add another layer of Lasagne Strips side by side to cover it as a lid.

Next pour Tomato puree and spread it all over. Sprinkle Mozzarella Cheese and Cheddar Cheese over it. Cover again with lasagne strips.

Make one last layer by spreading the Chicken mixture # 2 all over. Then Spread White Sauce all over again so another layer of lasagne strips do not stick together as White Sauce separates each layer.  Add last layer of Lasagne Strips all over again side by side.

Sprinkle Mozzarella Cheese and Cheddar Cheese all over the last layer and decorate with Tomato Ketchup. Sprinkle Oregano on top.

Keep this Baking Tray in a pre-heated oven. Bake it for 30-45 minutes.

Serve hot and Enjoy the delicious and the yummiest Cheesy Lasagne.



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