Black Forest Cake Recipe



* Flour= 2 ½ ounce

* Baking Powder= 1 tsp

* Cocoa powder= 1 ounce

* Eggs= 3

* Sugar= 4 ounce

* Butter= 2 ounce

* Oil= for greasing

For Icing:

* Cream= 1 packet

* Icing Sugar= 4 tbsp

* Chocolate= 1 bar (dark or bitter chocolate)

* Pineapple= 1 tin (optional)

* Cherry= 1 tin


Sieve Flour, Baking Powder and Cocoa Powder in a bowl.

Melt Butter in a small bowl and allow it to cool.

Beat sugar and eggs together till creamy and make a thick mixture.

Pour half the Flour in the Eggs and Sugar mixture. (Mixture 1)

Mix the remaining half Flour with the Melted Butter. (Mixture 2)

Grease pan with few drops of Oil.

Sprinkle Flour in the pan.

Pour the mixture in the pan alternately.(Mixture 1 and 2)

Bake for 25-30 minutes at 180 ‘C in a pre-heated Oven.

Beat Cream and Icing Sugar in a separate bowl till it turns fluffy and thick.

Cut the cake horizontally from the centre into half.

Pour Cherry syrup in the centre and cover it with Cream.

Put some Cherries and Pineapple pieces.

Cover the cake. And decorate it with Chocolate (grated) and Cream.

Serve Chill.


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