Movies 2015

2012 was the year of block buster films. All film Industries improved and gained more strength this year. Some movies from previous years were also re-released in 3D or / and IMAX. Most notable were Titanic, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Finding Nemo, Beauty and the Beast & Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace from 1999.

Superheroes kept hold on Box Office in 2012.The Marvel superheroes team up to form Avenger which ruled worldwide box office with $1.5 Billion. Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker covered The Amazing Spider-Man which grossed over $752 Million. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises was the most successful movie this year. It was the 13th movie which surpass the $ 1 Billion Mark. From which 2 movies of James Cameron (Titanic & Avatar) have passed 2 billion $ mark.

Movies Skyfall,Twilight saga, Madagascar 3, Ice Age – Continental Drift & Hunger Games was loved by audience across the world.  Even we can count many more movies in the list as this was a best year for movie fans. Movies in 2012 is also a hotly searched topic. People like to know the cretics, rating of a movie before they watch it & this is a best time to judge a whole year & the spend atleast 2, 3 days watching all these movies.

We are about to write top 10 movies this year but seriously we are confused which movie to mention & which to ignore. We let us provide you ratings on viewer’s interest & Worldwide Gross they gained.

Rank Title Worldwide Gross Viewers Rating Studio
1 The Avengers $1,511,757,910 8.3/10 Marvel Studios / Disney
2 The Dark Knight Rises $1,081,041,287 8.7/10 Warner Bros. / Legendary Pictures
3 Skyfall $1,078,544,126 7.9/10 MGM / Columbia
4 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey $940,592,520 8.3/10 Warner Bros. / MGM / New Line
5 Ice Age: Continental Drift $875,332,288 6.6/10
6 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 $828,045,090 5.8/10 Lionsgate / Summit Entertainment
7 The Amazing Spider-Man $752,216,557 7.2/10 Columbia / Marvel Entertainment
8 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted $742,110,251 7.0/10 Paramount / DreamWorks
9 The Hunger Games $686,533,290 7.2/10 Lionsgate
10 Men in Black 3 $624,026,776 6.9/10 Columbia


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