Latest English Songs

There are a wide range of latest English songs. Listening to English songs has never been so simpler than with the advent of the internet.

Top 10 Movies

Everyone has their own list of favorite movies. People can watch their favorite movies again and again. Although the list differs from one person to another, it is really a fun filled task to compare your favorite movies with the ones that are liked by your friends and family members. The list of top 10 […]

Hollywood Movies 2012

There are a number of Hollywood movies to watch in 2012, but the most notable is that two of the largest production houses will mark their 100th anniversaries – Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures. Some of the films have been rated as the best in the US.

Bollywood Movies 2013

Bollywood is second best film industry in world. Since 1930 it has produced classic and memorable movies. It has produced millions of heart breakers for entertaining people. Bollywood is love of people. Bollywood has worked hard for bring the most rated entertainment for its viewers.

Imran khan Concert in Pakistan

I went to Imran Khan’s concert & as I am little addicted to photography so i got some shots there. I am a big fan of Imran khan. He has done pretty good work for the Punjabi music & he always come up with great songs. Hope you guys will enjoy these photos.

Bollywood Movies

Best Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2013 Indian entitles ten highly top rated indian movies which surely covers all the aspects regarding all type of audience.. Bollywood is historically remembered for making memorable romantic melodramas like Kal Ho Na Ho, Dilwalay Dulhanya Le Jayenge, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and have also poked into the crime genre with success (Sholay). […]