movies 2012

Movies 2012

Hollywood Movies 2012 has been made significant effects across the whole world. In 2012 there are many blockbusters and independent films released up till now. Mostly the studios are focusing on releasing extremely expensive releases in order to gain profits.

Hollywood Movies 2012

There are a number of Hollywood movies to watch in 2012, but the most notable is that two of the largest production houses will mark their 100th anniversaries – Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures. Some of the films have been rated as the best in the US.

Movies 2015

Like previous year 2013 is also the year of block buster movies. We can also expect more movies to cross 1 Billion $ mark up this year. As the year is in progress, we will keep updating the ranking depending upon the grossing & viewer’s rating. The following rating will be completed at the end […]

Movies 2015

2012 was the year of block buster films. All film Industries improved and gained more strength this year. Some movies from previous years were also re-released in 3D or / and IMAX. Most notable were Titanic, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Finding Nemo, Beauty and the Beast & Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom […]