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Like previous year 2013 is also the year of block buster movies. We can also expect more movies to cross 1 Billion $ mark up this year. As the year is in progress, we will keep updating the ranking depending upon the grossing & viewer’s rating. The following rating will be completed at the end of the year. The ranking are based on overall grossing & interest rate so some viewers might not find the following movies interested because of different taste.

The tradition will remain the same marvel & DC Comic will come up with some Super Hero movies, Disney will release fantasy plus animated movies & we will have some action movies also. Sequels of different block busters will also be released in 2013.
Movies in 2013 will bring a high impact on Hollywood industries, rends will change, budgets will increase & The industry will keep progressing in becoming giant. The promotions & marketing techniques are putting high impact on different movies. Like the high budget movies also invest good ratio in promotions & maeketing so keep their position ahead from orher movies. From last 2 years Google adwords, imdb & other movies sites are playing great role in it.
To get an idea how it works let us give an example. Huge ratios of movies viewers first check the rating from imdb site to decide whether to watch the movie or not. If IMDB put 8.5 / 10 rating by there own the viewership will dramatically increases & the following movie will do a great business. As each year every field is revolutionizing so we can expect some more technologies & techniques used worldwide. We can also expect some better 3d graphics this year.
Below are the top 10 movies 2013, the rating is based on grossing & viewer’s interest:


Highest-grossing films of 2013
Rank Title Worldwide gross Studio
1 Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters $96,663,000 Paramount Pictures
2 Gangster Squad $78,519,000 Warner Bros.
3 Mama $64,062,000 Universal Pictures
4 A Haunted House $37,898,000 Open Road Films
5 Texas Chainsaw 3D $34,074,400 Lionsgate
6 The Last Stand $24,899,000 Lionsgate
7 Warm Bodies $20,025,000 Summit Entertainment
8 Broken City $18,150,000 20th Century Fox
9 Parker $12,440,000 FilmDistrict
10 Movie 43 $7,708,000 Relativity Media


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