Information on Various Benefits of Green Tea

By drinking green tea, you can make your day refreshing and energetic. You can have green tea at any time during the day. No matter whether you have it after a satisfying meal or to enjoy a break in your busy schedule, green tea will offer you the same benefits every time. Since the time green tea was discovered, its farming and consumption have been supported due to its unique abilities to keep diseases away, strengthen the power of concentration, cleanse the body and help in digestion.


Some Benefits of Green Tea

You must have come across lots of publicity regarding the benefits of green tea. There are the advertisements in the newspapers and magazines and publicity on radio. Nowadays, the marketers of green tea are praising the weight loss properties of the beverage, but the major concern among people is whether it is right or not. Since 4000 years now, green tea has been consumed in the form of a regular drink during the meals and also as a medicine for curing varieties of conditions like stomach troubles, headaches, depression and palpitation.

In China, everyone consumes green tea regularly. Earlier in China, people who could not afford green tea were regarded as poor and cursed with bad luck. Till now the research on green tea continues. It is found that green tea reduces the danger of esophageal cancer by 60%. Several studies have proved that green tea assists in preventing and improving cardiovascular infections, diseases, arthritis and cancers. Regular consumption of green tea prevents tooth decay with abilities to abolish bacteria that result in plaque.


This does not signify that if you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned here you should replace the medicines with green tea. If you are planning to cure a condition by using green tea therapy, it is better to consult a physician before doing so. You must be wondering how green tea offers such widespread benefits. It has been proved that green tea consists of antioxidants and natural chemicals that prevent or slow down the development of cancer cells. The antioxidants in the green tea lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and at the same time increase the level of HDL (good) cholesterol. One of the powerful antioxidants in green tea, EGCG, kills cancer cells.

Another question that might strike your mind is why other teas in the market do not offer such extensive benefits. The secret behind green tea’s benefits lies in the processing. Green tea is produced after steaming which in turn prevents EGCG from being oxidized. The other teas are manufactured from fermented leaves. This procedure converts the EGCG into other compounds that do not prove to be effective in fighting diseases.


It has been discovered in a study that people who had consumed green tea and caffeine were able to burn more calories compared to those who consumed caffeine or placebo. In addition, green tea improves metabolism in a natural and healthy manner. So, what are you waiting for? Start consuming green tea and enjoy its benefits.


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