Benefits of Green Tea

We can make our day energetic & refreshing by drinking green tea. Now a days almost every one know that green tea has some benefits. Some of them are scientifically proved & some are rumours only. Like some people think green tea will instantly reduces weight & make you slim which is not proved till now but many people use it for the following purpose. It definitely raise metabolic rate but it is not produce enough for immediate weight loss.

It was first used by Chinese for beverage & medical purpose but now it is widely consumed all over the world specially Europe & United states. Green tea can be produced in number of varieties depending upon the production processing, growing conditions, harvesting time & horticultural. It avoid Hearth decease &  good for health in many things which I will cover below.  The major benefits are regarding weight loss, anti aging & reduces heart diseases.

Green Tea & Cancer

The antioxidant power of green tea is 24 times better than vitamins E & 100 time than  vitamins C so it helps in protecting cells & preventing the cell damage which is some times linked to cancer. It is believed that green tea kill cancer cells without damaging the healthy issues.

Green Tea & Anti-Aging

Green tea contains poly phenols which make it antioxidant. It help with wrinkles, aging signs & promote longevity Green tea also help reducing sun damage on skin. It is tested on both animals & human. People who usually drink green tea have glow & younger skin.


Green tea & Heart Disease

It decreases cholesterol level to prevent heart disease and strokes.  It may also protect against clots formation, the base of heart attack. Even after heart attack it prevents cell death and fast up the recovery process.


Green Tea & Weight Loss

Yes it is true! green tea helps reducing your body weight. Through increasing metabolism rate naturally in you body which burns fat &  reducing your weight in result. Let me inform you that it is a slow process & might take months but will definitely show results.


Other Benefits

Control & prevent Diabetes, Esophageal Cancer, Cholesterol, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Tooth Decay, Blood Pressure, Depression, Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial & Skincare.


The above mentioned benefits are taken from reliable sources so I don’t think any one will avoid making Green Tea his/her habit now.  Specially if you are regular tea drinker, Green tea is best for you.  Do share if you know some other benefits too in the meantime let me finish some more green tea cups.


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