Benefits of Green Tea in Weight Loss

All of us know that green tea is an excellent beverage but many among us do not know of its significance in weight loss. We have an idea that green tea has been popular in the form of a health drink in the East since a thousand years. As green tea prevents cancer, cavities, diabetes and boosts the immune system, you might be thinking how it can help in weight loss. Green tea is regarded as a metabolic stimulant which signifies an increase in body’s metabolism.

Moreover, it also helps one lose appetite due to which you will eat less. Let us have a look at the benefits of green tea in weight loss.


  1. Green Tea acts as Metabolic Stimulant: Green tea increases the metabolism of our body by 4%. Consuming green tea after each meal will help you in increasing your metabolism. This will consequently help you burn fat. The reason behind this is the presence of caffeine in green teas. You might have come across various articles that say caffeine is not good for your health. There is nothing to worry as several researches have proved that the caffeine that is present in green tea is not harmful.

The caffeine used in green tea increases the rate of metabolism and at the same time does not cause heart palpitations. If you want to increase your body’s metabolism, start consuming green tea. As the rate of your metabolism increases, it results in burning fat which aids in weight loss.


  1. Green Tea Suppresses Appetite: Theanine in green tea alters sense of calmness and mood for balancing the system of your body. This in turn forces the body to release large amounts of dopamine to the brain which helps it stay relaxed. This is the reason why green tea helps in suppressing appetite because according to human nature when one feels stressed out they eat more. Moreover, green tea also contains catechin which prevents the rate of fat storage in the body.
  2. Green Tea consists of Low Calories: You will be surprised to know that if you consume a glass of green tea without adding anything to it, your body will consume only 4 calories per cup. If you are among those who are looking for ways by which you can lose weight and at the same time burn extra fat, green tea is the best option for you.

Now, you might have understood why most of the people recommend green tea to their friends who want to burn extra fat and lose weight. It has been proved that green tea is the best beverage for shedding fat. The first important benefit of green tea is it increases metabolism of the body by nearly 4%.

Secondly, it helps you lose your appetite which will force you to eat about 60% less than earlier. Ultimately, among all the beverages, green tea consists of a low amount of calories. People who want to lose weight to look beautiful should drink green tea after every meal.



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