Tricks to Loose Belly Fat

  1. Drink lots & lots of Water
    Avoid Soda and Drink atleast 8 glasses of water daily. The more you’ll drink, the more excess of your body will flush out. (Either through sweat or Urine)Avoid cold drinks because they contain artificial gases and chemicals which helps in gaining weight.
  2. Start Eating Healthy & Stop Eating Junk
    Avoid Junk Food and Fast Food like Burgers, Pastas,  Doughnuts, Food which is made from white flour, Also Cut of C’s from your life. Try cutting every  food that starts with C from your life. Weather its Coke, Cookies, Chips, Cheese, Cakes, Candies, Caramel, Chocolates, Corns
    Instead start eating Vegetables & Fruits.
  3. Avoid Fried Food & instead Have Grilled Food
    Don’t start a strict diet, because no one can continue a strict diet for a long time.  Don’t go on for short temporary diets . Instead start taking grilled food. Avoid deep fried food, because it contains high level of oil which can make you fat. You can stir fry in few drops of olive oil.
  4. Don’t take stress.. Instead Relax and Chill
    One of the main factors for weight gain and belly fat is taking Stress.  Your body starts producing a hormone , Cortisol, which stimulates extra fat storage in ou body when you feel stressed. Whenever you have work load or you feel stressed, close your eyes and start taking deep breathes. It will automatically relax you, your mind and your body
  5. Sleep Proper
    The best time to sleep is between  10 pm till 4 am.  Sleep at least for 5-7 hours.
  6. Exercise
    Exercise daily for an hour. Or atleast walk for 45 mins daily and regularly.


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