How to Cure Depression and How to Relieve Stress??

Depression and Stress are two major factors that’s can lead to other major diseases. When some one gets to know that he is in a state of Depression or extremely stressed out, he should get a Cure for it…

One way to Stop Depression and Relieve stress is Exercising. Exercising  may include breathing exercises, walking, swimming, etc

The other Simple and easy way to get cured of depression or stress is by eating Yogurt.

Eating yogurt already has countless benefits. According to the latest research, it has been proved that One can cure depression by eating a bowl of yogurt daily.

According to the latest research results in an American university, When one eats yogurt, the substances of the yogurt  effects those parts of the mind that are stressed out or are in pain/ anxiety.

These Substances in the yogurt also helps to improve the ability to think and understand things better and in a positive way.

Eating Yogurt does not only Cures Depression but also helps in improving the ability of ones decision making.


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