Highly Effecting Ageing Factors

Mostly people have the fear of getting Old. Every one has to get Old one day. But we can prevent getting Old at an early age. Getting Old affects our Skin, Body, fades the attraction of our face, wrinkles and our mainly it affects our Health.

After doing many researches and experiments, Scientists have discovered the factors that can slow down the process of Ageing means getting Older.

Getting Old is a natural fact, though we need to accept this fact that everyone has to get old at one point. And we can’t stop ourselves from Getting Old and dull. But what we can do is prevent ourselves from getting Older at an early age.

Following are some of the unhealthy and unknown factors that causes Getting Old at an early age:-

Taking too much Tension and Stress

Stress leads to disturbance of mind, disturbance of emotions and destroys health. Try not to take that much stress that effects  too much.

Do you Worry too much?  Do you think over small things too much? Do you get pressurized too much in the matters that involve you or not? If the answer is Yes, that means you are getting effected by the ups and downs of life. When you start thinking negative, two of the hormones of our body, Norepinephrine and Cortisol, starts stimulating rapidly. It effects our immune system plus effects the pressure of blood flow, Which in result disturbs your mind and thoughts and sometimes leads to heart attacks.

To prevent this, atleast exercise 3 days in a week for 30-45 mins. And try relieving your stress by getting busy.

Eating Unhealthy Food

During Childhood, when our parents tells us to eat vegetables and fruits, that’s for our betterment.  If you don’t include such fruits and vegetables that have anti—oxidents in your diet, then start paying attention to it!!! Anti Oxidents helps to kill free radicals that causes wrinkles in an early age and helps from cancer. If you start eating vegetables and fruits daily, you will prevent the risk of getting any kind of Cancer as well.


Smoking is very unhealthy habit. People who are chain smokers have yellow teeth. The smoke of the cigarette can cause cancer plus other skin diseases. Smoking increases the risk of getting lung & throat cancer. It even increase the factor of getting Old at an early age.

Other main factors that cause anti ageing are not exercising,  not taking care of our skin, not using sunscreen when getting out direct in the sunlight, not taking 5-7 hours sleep at night, and not staying happy with your married life..

Start focusing and implementing  the positive and healthy factors to Stop ageing!!!!


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