The Top 10 Rated Rap Songs

Rap songs are loved by all. Rap Music got publicity in last 5 to 10 years. It consists of songs which depends on fast notes and beats. The verses and chorus also depict an impression of active and lively music. There are numerous giants in rap field who have bestowed memorable songs. The Top 10 Rated Songs ever have the capacity to pull out strong emotional responses from the listeners. Rap music has given way to fast dancing in teenagers. It is also associated with the development of critical thinking skills in young adults. Some of the rap lyrics are misogynistic. These help to develop critical thinking when the listener is engaged with the agreement and disagreement of the lyrics.


The first rating in Top 10 Rated songs goes to Eminem. This rap group has pulled out the angry vibes in his extremely fast rapping songs. His songs are based on his own life. The song “Loose Yourself” was featured in the movie “8 Mile”. The best thing about this masterpiece is that he has acted in this song. The best feature about this song is the strong message that it delivers to the public.

Coolio’s Gangsta Paradise was on no. 69 on Billboard All Time Hit rating and on no.38 on VH1’s Greatest Songs of Hip Hop and 2nd on the best rap songs rating. This song was not new but based on apprehension of Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise”.  Again the 3rd song was produced by Eminem called as “Not Afraid”. This song is depending upon the image of life of Eminem. In the last verse of this song Eminem has talked about getting clean leaving a deep message on the listener. “Dead and Gone by T.I. Feat. Justin Timberlake” is 4th among the top rated songs ever. Before it’s released this song was on no.76 on Billboard Hot 100. The Beastie Boys are rap band that deliver lyrics and videos based on fun. The song Fight for Your Right (to Party) was a party hit of all time. Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice is next on the list to feature humorous smile on faces. Again Beastie Boys’ Sabotage hit the chart by its amusing and hilarious lyrics. Eminem has taken 9th position in the song Love the way you lie. This song was song by Eminem featuring Rihanna. The music is an excellent amalgamation of guitar and piano and based in the idea of love- hate relationship. Live Your Life by T.I (feat Rihanna) tells the story of T.I’s life in his lyrics.

Although this order is not exact, but still provides an image of Top 10 rated songs ever. They form the fundamental part of rap music. These songs can refresh you anytime you want. These songs are from all time hit albums and are supposed to provide positive energy for the mind and body to cope up with all problems of life.  These songs can help to produce a sound mind and a skillful body by helping to develop critical thinking skills.


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