English Movies 2012

If you want to catch some of the best English movies of 2012, there are quite a few to consider. We bring you the list of which movies to go for this year. There are actually many you can choose from, with Titanic and Finding Nemo being re-released in 3D. go through our list of the best English movies 2012.


Rank Movie Name Starring Director
#1 The Possession 2012 Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Kyra Sedgwick
Madison Davenport
Grant Show
Ole Bornedal
#2 Lawless 2012 Shia LaBeouf

Tom Hardy

Jason Clarke

Guy Pearce

Jessica Chastain

John Hillcoat
#3 The Expendables 2 2012 Sylvester Stallone
Jason Statham
Jet Li
Dolph Lundgren
Chuck Norris
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Terry Crews
Simon West
#4 The Bourne Legacy 2012 Jeremy Renner

Rachel Weisz

Edward Norton

Scott Glenn

Tony Gilroy
#5 ParaNorman 2012 Kodi Smit-McPhee
Anna Kendrick
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Tucker Albrizzi
Chris Butler

Sam Fell

#6 The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2012 Jennifer Garner

Joel Edgerton

Peter Hedges
#7 The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Christian Bale
Gary Oldman
Tom Hardy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Anne Hathaway
Marion Cotillard
Morgan Freeman
Michael Caine
Christopher Nolan
#8 The Campaign 2012 Will Ferrell
Zach Galifianakis
Jason Sudeikis
Dylan McDermott
Jay Roach
#9 2016: Obama’s America 2012 Dinesh D’Souza

Barack Obama (footages)

John Sullivan
#10 Hope Springs 2012 Meryl Streep
Tommy Lee Jones
Steve Carell
Jean Smart
Ben Rappaport
Marin Ireland
David Frankel



English movies are popular on account of their widespread appeal and larger than life portrayal of human emotions, feelings and sentiments. People all over the world, from Brazil to China await the release of a Batman or Spiderman movie, just the way countries of South Asia eagerly look forward to sci-fi and hi-tech flicks. In short, a film is always an expression of the director’s creativity, and as an art form, it commands the highest form of respect and acknowledgement. This is perhaps one of the reasons why directors such as James Cameron, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg deserve the highest odes from us.


Films speak the language of universality, and it is true that their primary purpose is to relieve us of stress. Movies are a means of entertainment and learning and reinstate an individual’s linguistic abilities in relative languages. There are no harmful effects of watching a film as it is, after all, a creative endeavor of the director. The disadvantages may depend on the perception of the audience. There may be various kinds of movies that are in existence, including the ones that have an authentic storyline, like Jobs, the under-production movie based on the life of Steve Jobs. These films are based upon incidences from real life. Others may be science fiction flicks which offer a sense of awareness as well as knowledge.


Socio fantasy flicks present the history of ancient times such as Babylon, and the Lord of the Rings, among others. Biographical movies like The Passion of the Christ or Milk portray the character of the person who may be a social or political leader or an individual who has made a difference to mankind with his contributions. However, the genre of the movie, in the end, depends on the point of view of the director. You can have a great movie or a bad one, depending on the way in which it is edited or presented. This can create a mood of inspiration, refreshment or depression. In short, the purport of the film lies in the hands of the director who shoots it in a specific manner.


Hollywood movies present a lot to watch out for. A mythical movie like Titanic can send waves of human emptions rippling all over the world, so as to bring home as many as 11 Academy Awards. The most moving films portray the most outstanding feats and achievements of mankind against all odds. The characters in the film may be sci-fi heroes, comic characters, aliens, animated characters or people from the pages of history. What is important is that their portrayal has made a difference in the way we perceive life and allow them to make a difference in our dealings with others.


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