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The Body Shop is one of the places I go to buy Skin Care Products, Bath and Body Products, Perfumes, Makeup and Cosmetics Products as they have the most awesome quality products that are made naturally and they use less chemicals in their products as compared to other brands. The Body Shop Products are always safe to use on Skin.

The Body Shop has a different variety of kits in smoky eyes as well.

The Body Shop Silver-Black 4 steps Smoky Eye Palette/ Kit:-

silver black smokey eye

Recently I went to there are purchased a Silver-Black 4 Steps Smoky Eye Kit.

I am a big fan of Smokey Eyes but it is the most difficult thing to apply on one’s own self.

Creating a perfect and the sexiest Smoky Eyes was one of the most difficult things for me even though I watched a lot of makeup tutorials for this. I used to look like Bat-woman or an evil watch after applying the cosmetics for the smoky look.

But when I saw that The Body Shop has introduced this easy 4 step smoky eye kits, I decided to try the Silver-Black one.



This Silver- Black Smoky Eyes (4 steps) comes in a cardboard black box. Inside the cardboard box, there is a sturdy plastic square packaging of the 4 steps silver- black smoky palette having The Body Shop logo.

Once you open the palette, you get 4 shades and a lovely huge Mirror.

Besides the 4-steps Silver-Black Smoky Palette, there is an eye shadow applicator mini brush as well as The Body Shop’s eye Definer Crayon kohl small Black/ Noir Pencil.

This Body Shops 4 steps Silver- Black Smokey Eye Kit is also very good for travelling purposes.

Eye Shades:-

eye shadow applicator

The shadows are in sleek, rectangular pans with separate compartments. The shadows are as follows:-

  • Shade 01 is a shimmery Ice-white shade that serves as a base. It has finely milled shimmer that gives it a lovely sheen.
  • Shade 02 is a Charcoal Black Shadow It is a matte shade.
  • Shade 03 is a Mable Grey Eye shadow. It is a satin finished with subtle glitter silver-grey Shade
  • Shade 04 is a Silver shadow which is a lovely, creamy-kind shimmery Silver for highlighter/ illuminator purpose.

Beneath these eye shadow compartments, there is a long compartment for Kohl Liner and an Eye shadow applicator brush. So the Eye Shadow Applicator brush and the Eye Defining Kohl black pencil can also be kept inside this Palette/ kit.

The Eye Shadow Applicator Brush:-

eye shadow applicator

The Eye Shadow applicator brush of this kit/ Palette is a soft synthetic brush and a miniature version of regular The Body Shop brushes with the handle wider at the base. The brush is slightly fluffy and can be used to blend eye shadows as well.

Eye Definer Crayon Kohl Black/ Noir Pencil:-

The Body Shop 4 Step Silver- Black Smoky Palette/ Kit also includes a mini sized Eye Definer Crayon Pencil in Black/ Noir. The pigmentation of this Kohl Pencil is not as dark as it should be. One has to swipe several times across the eyes to achieve a dark or desired look. Plus this Black Kohl Pencil is a little harsh when you are swiping it. So be careful!



The Body Shop 4 Step Smoky Silver- Black Palette/ Kit also include a small mirror attached opposite to the eye shades. The size of the mirror is large that one can do their full face makeup using this mirror!

How to use The Body Shops 4 Steps Silver- Back Smoky Eye Makeup?

There is a diagram on the back of exactly how to achieve the Silver- Black Smoky Eye Makeup look. The shades are also labelled at the back of the black cardboard packaging: base colour, lid colour, crease colour, highlight colour and eyeliner shade. The shades can be applied by using the Eye Shadow Applicator Brush given with the Kit.

  • Step 1: Apply 01 Ice White shade all over eyelids.
  • Step 2: Pat 02 Charcoal Black Shadow over the eyelids till the Crease.
  • Step 3: Apply 03 Marble Grey Shade over the two eye shadows and on the corner of the eyes above the 02 charcoal Black Eye Shadow to soften the look. Blend well.
  • Step 4: Finish off with Silver Highlighter/ Illuminator in the inner corners of the eyes and below the eyebrows.
  • Step 5: Line your eyes with the mini Eye Definer Crayon Kohl Black Pencil. Swipe several times across the eyes till you get the desired blackness.


By following the exact instructions mentioned, you can get the most dramatic and the perfect sexy Smoky Eye look.


Final Verdict:-

With the exception of the Eye Definer Crayon Kohl Pencil this is the perfect Smoky Eye Palette/ Kit. If you’re a smoky eye lover, this palette is a must in your makeup collection.

I will rate The Body Shops 4 Steps Silver- Black Smoky Eye Palette/ Kit 8/ 10.

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