How to get your Android Apk file from Android Studio

Right click "app-debug" & click copy

Hey guys, Today  I am going to tell you how to get  your own Android application apk build for your android device. Its one of the major issue in Android Studio to get your android apk. So to solve your worries I decided to guide you in 6 easy steps via snapshots.

Top 5 Iphone Essential Productivity Apps

Thanks to apps, your iPhone can be many things. It has the power to become a communications device, a camera or even a games console. It can also help you get things done in the home or in your office thanks to a range of essential Productivity apps. In this section we’ll show you apps […]

Age of Android

When we think of an operating system, what comes up to your mind? Ah! Yes I know. It is Windows isn’t it? Or is it Mac? The simple pronunciation of the mere word operating system makes us remember the times of sitting helplessly in front of our microcomputers divulging ourselves in the wonders of an […]