How to get your Android Apk file from Android Studio

Right click "app-debug" & click copy

Hey guys, Today  I am going to tell you how to get  your own Android application apk build for your android device. Its one of the major issue in Android Studio to get your android apk. So to solve your worries I decided to guide you in 6 easy steps via snapshots.

Step 1

Open your Project folder to find “app” folder. Open it.

Open your Project folder & click apk


Step 2

After opening app folder click “build” folder

Open build folder inside app folder


Step 3

Inside build click “outputs” folder

Inside build folder find folder named "outputs"


Step 4

After opening outputs open “apk” folder. This is where your final android apk is saved.

Inside outputs find "apk" folder


Step 5

After opening apk folder you will be seeing 2 files “app-debug” & “app-debug-unaligned”. app-debug is required file. Right click it & copy it.

Right click "app-debug" & click copy


Step 6

Now paste the file in your desktop or any other folder you wish to save in & then Rename that file according to your app name. Now use Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud software (if you got), if you don’t have account in any of the cloud services then don’t worry just plug in your data cable & transfer the file into your valuable android device.

Paste & rename file according to your app name


That’s it for all  I hope you will like this tutorial & proves to be useful. Stay tuned for more tutorials regarding native Android development in Java. Till then Take Care 🙂



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