Sophia Asley Professional Make-Up Blusher Palette

Hi Beauties!

Recently I just bought a 9- blusher palette in a very reasonable amount.

Here’s the review:-

blusher5 blusher4 blusher3


The Sophia Asley Professional blush-on palette was packed in a glossy silverish packing labelled on the centre. It has 9 blushers of different shades with 2 Blusher Applicators and a Mirror. The blushers are mainly in the pink family. The blush ons are matte finished. The Packaging says for Film, Tv, Photos, Weddings and Special Effects.

Inside the Silver box, there is a black plastic palette. When you open the pastic palette, you find the blushers, applicators and a Mirror.

The packaging is okay according to the price.


BLUSHER7 blusher2


This Sophia Asley professional Make-up Palette has 9 matte Blushes and 2 blushes applicators. They can be used as blushers on emphasize cheeks, slightly on the forehead and for contouring jaw line. The colours of the Blushes are from maroons to browns, browns to peaches, peaches to pinks and pinks to purples. But mainly they are in Pinks family.

The shades are matte finished and do stay on. Even the quantity of the blushers is good.

The good thing about this Sophia Asley Professional Make-up Blusher Palette is that it includes a Mirror on the opposite side of the blushers.



This Blusher Palette almost has all the main Blusher shades one needs even a Mirror and Blush-on Applicators. If you have this palette, you don’t need any other palette or separate blush-ons for ones personal use. It is also an easy to carry palette for traveling. Its not that bad plus the amount is quite reasonable.

I will rate this Sophia Asley Professional Make-up Blusher Palette 8/10.


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