• French Fries are something that no one can reject or keep their hands off from it.
  • They are offered as the first choice side dish with every fast food.
  • The are liked, ordered and eaten by every age group of people.
  • In a recent research, it was observed through 7500 customers eat combo meals during lunch hours which averages 1100 calories each (only at the day time).
  • Chilli, cheese, fried potatoes can be a disaster when combined together.
  • There is a lot of sodium in french fries. there is as much sodium as in 15 strips of bacon. plus having ketchup with french fries , adds a days worth of sodium and 930 calories.
  • Eating and having french fries (even though as side line or side dish) is having an entire day’s worth of calories, three day’s allotment of saturated fat, and, a day-and-a -half’s allotment of sodium.
  • Eating Cheese fries are more disaster of worth 1400 calories.

NOTE:- drinks with combo meals account for a quarter of the total calories we consume each day!!


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