How To Build The Ultimate Tech Home Network!

The gadgeteer’s home is built on a bridgehead of robust networking, be it wired, wireless or a bit of both. Here’s how to get your network in order, wherever you live :


Scenario #1

home network type 1

You live in a sensibly sized, modern home Modern houses are generally made of flour and crepe paper, so a good router will fill every nook and cranny with datacarrying waves. Still, for quality video streaming, it pays to get the latest and greatest, which is where (01) Asus’ RT-AC66U comes in. It supports the new 802.11ac standard and hits speeds of up to 1.75Gbps – faster than a fast wired link – when used with suitable USB adaptors. No wireless network is as robust as a wired one, though, so we’d still use the Asus’ Ethernet ports, particularly for your media store and HD video streaming.


Scenario #2

home network type 2

You live in a castle made of solid granite Wireless is powerless against your 1m-thick walls, or won’t reach from your east to west battlements? Your best option is a Powerline setup, which plugs into power sockets at either end of the transaction, creating an Ethernet network betwixt router and gadget. You’ll need a router – the RT-AC66U will do nicely, but you can use your existing one so long as it supports up to 1Gbps speeds. For ultimate flexibility, unite it with the Netgear WN 3000RP kit, which will extend your Wi-Fi network and give you three Ethernet ports at the other end.


Scenario #3

home network type 3

You have an abode completely covered in Ethernet sockets You lucky geek. High-velocity home AV networking is yours if you invest in the RT-AC66U, which has four gigabit Ethernet ports waiting to be hooked up to your Ethernet-equipped TV, Sonos system and other networked goodies. But what if you want to create a wireless access point for, say, your iPad, in a part of your house that your swanky Wi-Fi won’t reach? Try the (02) ZyXEL, which will plug into your servants’ quarters Ethernet socket and extend your network via 802.11n at speeds of up to 450Mbps.


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