Glamourous Face U.S.A Professional Brush Kit

(Cosmetics and Artist Brushes)


Glamorous Face USA makeup (each and every kind of eye makeup brush)

Glamorous Face USA makeup brushes for face

Recently, I was searching online for makeup- brushes kit. The price of the makeup brushes original brands was too high and out of my budget. I wanted to buy a pouch with makeup brushes or a kit that was travel friendly.

I came across with the replicas or the copies of the makeup brands but wasn’t sure what to buy. They were quite cheap and came in my budget but I didn’t want to take risk without testing the quality of the makeup brushes.

So one day I went to Zohra’s the makeup shop in Tariq Road. I told him that I needed a makeup brushes Kit and wanted to check the quality as I am not a professional makeup artist.

The guy in Zohra’s showed me a local cosmetics makeup brushes Kit which had 24 makeup brushes, the Glamorous Face U.S.A Professional Brush Kit.

The Glamorous Face U.S.A Professional Brush Kit was quite reasonable and the Zohra’s guy ensured me that it was a good quality so I bought it.

So here is the review of Glamorous Face U.S.A Professional Brush Kit:-



The Glamorous Face USA Professional brush kit comes in cardboard box. Inside the cardboard box, there is a black roll up Synthetic leather case or a pouch which is very travel friendly and can roll up to pack. The synthetic leather Case or pouch of Brushes is engraved with the logo Glamorous Face U.S.A.

The roll up leather case or pouch has 24 pieces makeup brushes of each and every kind. The brush set was individually packaged and each and every brush was protected with a plastic.


Glamorous Face USA synthetic leather roll up makeup brushes  case or Pouch Cardboard Packaging of Glamorous Face USA makeup brushes Packaging of Glamorous Face USA makeup brushes kit

The Glamorous Face USA Professional Makeup Brush Kit includes:-

  • 24 Cosmetic Makeup Brushes
  • 1 Roll-up Synthetic Leather Case/ Pouch

The Glamorous Face USA Professional brush kit of 24 brushes has all the possible brushes you will ever need for doing makeup.

The brushes come with a wooden handle and the hairs of the brushes are made up of synthetic fibres.

All the brushes are soft bristle, synthetic, usable and non-irritant.

You will find following kinds of Brushes in the Glamorous USA Professional Brush Kit:-

  1. Powder Brush
  2. Blusher Brush
  3. Eye Shadow Brush
  4. Eye Brow Brush
  5. Eye Brow Comb Brush
  6. Lip Liner Brush
  7. Eye Liner Brush
  8. Fan Brush
  9. Mascara Brush
  10. Cut Controlling Brush
  11. Lipstick Brush
  12. Contour Brush
  13. Blending Brush
  14. Flat Foundation Brush
  15. Concealer Brush

There are so many types of Eye Shadow Brushes of different sizes and shapes in the Glamorous Face U.S.A Professional Brush kit that are soft and blends the makeup easily without shedding. I love all the brushes. They are quite helpful in doing a perfect makeup whether smoky eyes or double shaded. They help in enhancing the makeup.




This Glamorous Face U.S.A Professional Brushes Kit of 24 makeup Brushes almost has each and every kind of Makeup Brush used in applying Makeup that one needs.

If you have this Makeup Brushes Kit of 24 Brushes, you don’t need any other makeup brush or a separate brush for personal use. It is also an easy to carry makeup brushes kit with 24 brushes in it for traveling.

It’s a good to use makeup brushes kit plus the amount is quite reasonable.

I will rate this Glamorous Face U.S.A Makeup Brushes Kit of 24 brushes with a synthetic/ leather travelling roll up pouch/ case 9/10.



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