GINSOY – Extreme Chinese – Food Review



Recently, we friends went to Ginsoy- Extreme Chinese at Sindhi Muslim Society, Karachi.

We had already heard about it so much so we decided to try this.

This restaurant is always full at whatever time you go. Whether you go for lunch or dinner, or on weekdays or weekend, you’ll always find a long waiting unless you have reservations made before. Plus one thing more, if you come 10 minutes late then the reserved time, your booking will be cancelled. So whenever you have a reservation or booking in Ginsoy, be on time!

So we friends got the reservations for Saturday lunch.


We ordered Hot and Sour Soup in the starters. It was hell spicy and sour. Even the eating soup bowls were large in size. I loved it as I am a spice lover. The quantity of Hot and Sour Soup was sufficient that half of our stomachs got full after having it.

Ginsoy- Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Manchurian. Crispy Beijing Beef

Ginsoy- Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Manchurian. Crispy Beijing Beef

Next thing in the main course, we ordered Crispy Beijing Beef, Beef Chilli, Chicken Manchurian with Chicken Fried Rice.

Chicken Manchurian was a Red Sauce, Green Chillies and a Red Ketchup Gravy. It is one of the Signature dishes and Specialities of Ginsoy. It was quite delicious.

Crispy Beijing Beef was also good. It has very small pieces of Beef but it doesn’t have gravy. It is dry. Although I am not a beef lover but I ate it as it tasted good. It is almost brownish- black in colour. It wasn’t tempting by the look but the taste was good.

Beef Chilli was also yummy. It was Beef with Red and Green Chillies without the gravy.

The Chinese Chicken Fried Rice also tasted good.

The servings of the dishes were enough for us. So we did not order more. Half of the stomach was full because of the Hot and Sour Soup.

ginsoy hot and sour soup - Copy

Ginsoy hot and sour soup



Ginsoy- Extreme Chinese is a must to try if you’re a true Chinese Lover. The food was good, the ambiance was good and the service was excellent. The lightning was a bit dull. It was fully packed with people and always is so make sure to get your reservations made before coming to this place as it is a must try place and this is the place I will be coming again!

I will rate Ginsoy- Extreme Chinese 9/10 by looking over all, at the ambiance, food and service.


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