Chicken Jalapeno Burger Recipe

Chicken Jalapeno Burger


* Chicken Breast= 2 (flattened)

* Mayonnaise= 2-4 tbsp

* Butter= as per reqiured

* Buns=1

* Jalapenos= 4-5

* French fries= for Serving

For Chicken Marination:-

* Lemon Juice= 4 tbsp

* Soya Sauce= 2 tbsp

* Worcestershire Sauce= 2 tbsp

* Hot Peri Peri Sauce= 3 tbsp

* Salt= 1 tsp

* Black Pepper= ¾ tsp

* Chinese Salt= 1 tsp

* Paprika= 1 ½ tbsp

* Meat tenderizer Powder= 1 tsp

* Oil= 4 tbsp


Firstly marinate the Chicken for 2-3 hours. Add Lemon Juice, Soya Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, hot Peri Peri Sauce, Salt, Black Pepper, Chinese Salt, Paprika, Meat Tenderizer and Oil.

Fry the marinated Chicken in 2 tbsp Oil till light golden and tender. Remove from the stove.

Now in a Frying pan, heat Buns with Butter slightly.

Spread Mayonnaise on both sides of the Bun.

Put Chicken Fillet in between the Buns.

Add 4-5 Jalapenos as required on top of the Chicken Fillet inside the Buns.

Serve with Peri peri Sauce and French Fries.


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