BURGER INC. – Food Review

Few days back, I had the opportunity with a friend to visit Burger Inc. , The Gulshan-e-Iqbal branch near National Stadium Next to Shazz Super Market.

I had already tried it, but I had to write a review about it, so I went in, again.


The ambiance of the Burger Inc. was good. Due to summers, the ac’s were on. The restaurant was empty when we went in but with the time, it got packed with mostly the students of a nearby college/ university.

The theme is good, the sitting arrangement is good. Even the service is good. The Burgers are quite reasonable and of a perfect size.



They have selections of Burgers: a 4 ounce patty, the “Grand” 6 ounce patty and the “Twin” that is two 4 ounce patties.

We ordered three 4 ounce patty burgers (One Chicken Tikka Burger and two Beef burgers namely, Baja and Texan Burgers) with Masala Fries and Sothern Fried Chicken.

Chicken Tikka Burger

The Chicken Tikka Burger was good in taste. It was a Spicy Breast piece with sauces. It was quite yummy.

The Second Burger was the most Yummiest. It was a Beef Burger called Baja. The taste of this burger was marvellous. Itt was a 4 ounce patty with Cheese, Jalapenos, Ketchup, Mustard, Onions, lettuce, Tomatoes and filled with Mayo. It was although a Spicy Burger but it’s a try must Burger of Burger Inc.Baja (Beef Burger)

The third Burger was good but not as good as the Beef Baja Burger. The third Burger was Texan. It had four ounces Burger Patty topped with Cheese, lettuce, onions, Tomatoes, Mayo and BBQ Sauce.  If you are a BBQ lover, you will enjoy this Burger but as I am not a BBQ lover, this Burger was okay for me.

Texan (Beef Burger)

We ordered 2 pieces of Southern Fried Chicken. This Chicken was crispy Golden-brown Chicken with a juicy flavour. It wasn’t Oily. It was sort of a deep fried Chicken with a fabulous taste. It was served with a bun. It is damn good.

The Masala Regular Fries were not that good as I expected. They were just fulfilling.

Overall, the Food was fantastic. The Burger Patties are grilled with marinated sauces that gives a Juicy texture to the Burger and makes it more tempting. Plus the Burger patties were very soft. The vegetables inside the burgers were crisp and fresh and lastly their famous potato roll buns (made in-house) were fresh and tasty. You get the beautiful aroma of the Sauces, Cooked Beef and Moist Onions inside the fresh Burger Bun as soon as you unwrap the Burgers.

You can feel the taste of each and everything separately. Like if you eating a burger, u can feel the taste of Onions, Burger patty, Sauces , mayo separately and enjoy the food.



The service was good. We got the ordered burgers in 10-12 minutes after placing the order so we didn’t had to wait longer.

 burger inc menu


Burger Inc. is a place that makes you come back for more! It is a must visit place for Burger Lovers.

I will rate Burger Inc. 9/10 by looking over all, at the ambiance, food and service. burger inc. motto


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