Women’s driving rights

In 1957 Riyadh pronounced ban on women driving (according to scholar David Commins). The Economist in 2002 estimated that the salaries of approximately 500,000 chauffeurs driving women in  Saudi Arabia came to 1% of national income. Against this driving ban 47 women in Riyadh drove cars on road on November 6, 1990. In result all the women were imprisoned for one day and take over their passport and many of them lost their jobs. In 2007 Wajeha-al-Huwaider and other women sue to king Abdullah for women’s right to drive.
Saudi Arabia and Stamford hill (north London) do not allow women to drive. According to their perception the women should stay home if they will start drive they will lose modesty, they will become independent and liberated. Because now women are in every field they are independent, they have an independent identity, and if women will start to go out men will lose power and control over women. Basically women are not weak its our society that portrays them weak. We need to change this perception and concept of women driving. In Pakistan too when a man drives its like as he owns the road but when a woman drives and if she takes any wrong move people stare and glance as you have no right to drive. In our conservative society people think women can’t drive. Driving is only meant for men. Pakistan is an independent state. Women drivers should be given respect.
In Lahore Pakistan women drives rickshaw that only pick women launched in December 2016 by the name of pink rickshaw.


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