Top 10 Makeup Brands

It is not easy to rate top 10 makeup brands. As one brand can have better foundation & other can beat the same brand through mascara. Also some brands are consistent in bringing much new shades than other.  Also note the following makeup brand rating is based on surveys & experience rather than on their company brand values. All makeup brands doesn’t give best results on every girl due to several factors like complexion, chemical & natural ingredients , applications & removal time however we try it out to rate the brands. Below are the Top 10 makeup brandsfemale admire.

  1. MAC
  2. Clinique
  3. L’Oreal
  4. Maybelline New York
  5. Oriflame
  6. Urban Decay
  7. Covergirl
  8. Revlon
  9. Avon
  10. Etude

MAC Cosmetics or Make Up Art Cosmetics is the world’s Giant cosmetics & beauty company. The company initially launched products only for professional makeup artist but are now available for consumers directly. MAC quality is unbeatable & they are expensive as well as most qualitative makeup products.

Some MAC products contain natural oils which function as emollients (example Orange oil) but most products are oil free. MAC The collection includes mascara, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish, mineral powder, lip gloss, lipstick and mascara.


Clinique is US based company which deals in skincare, cosmetics & toiletries. Clinique also deals in fragrances. 52% of Clinique revenue is generated from cosmetics & 25% from the foundation alone.

Clinique is best known for its skincare products. It also has line of makeup brushes coated with anti bacterial solution.


The L’Oréal Group is the world’s largest  beauty and cosmetics company. It is a beauty giant. L’Oréal focus on makeup, hair color, hair care, skin care & sun protection.  Avon is one of the largest direct seller of beauty and makeup brands products. The makeup line includes Avon ANEW products, Avon Natural & marks, Avon color cosmetics & Avon’s skin-So-soft for Skincare.

Beauty is a commitment of L’Oréal & it has devoted itself solely to one business i.e. beauty.

Maybelline New York

Maybelline is an american brand sold all over the world. Maybelline is owned by French Beauty giant, LOreal. Maybelline is the Official Makeup Sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

“Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline”

Maybelline has released many products including “Color Sensation” shades for lips, “Fit me” collection for facial & foundation products. & Eye studio for eye products.


Oriflame is an international direct selling beauty company. The company started its operation in 1967 & now has presense in above 60 countries worldwide. It also have 3.5 million consultants. The company sells skin care, cosmetic products & related products through independent sale force.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay was founded in 1996. Urban decay claims that they never employ animal testing for there products. 100% synthetic fiber makeup brushes are most famous among females.

L’Oreal announced it will buy Urban Decay Cosmetics on November 26, 2012, .


CoverGirl have some must have beauty products. CoverGirl is american brand founded in 1960. It is mainly available in drugstore & supermarkets where CoverGirl gets a hard competition with Maybelline. the company advertise there makeup products through “CoverGirl” models displayed on covers of different magazines.


Revlon was founded by Charles and Joseph Revson (brothers) with a chemist  Charles Lachman who contribute “L” in Revlon name in 1932. Revlon product line is based on many categories like color cosmetics, hair and skin care, personal care and fragrance. Revelon’s customer experience trailblazing products & colors with style. Like Avon Revlon have major products related to skin care.


Avon is one of the largest direct seller of beauty and makeup brands products. The makeup line includes Avon ANEW products, Avon Natural & marks, Avon color cosmetics & Avon’s skin-So-soft for Skincare. It was founded by David H. McConnell in 1886. The company has stood up for women beauty for more than 125 Years.


Etude is an average brand as compared to all above top brands but it is widely used in beauty salon because of its competitive lower prices. It is a south Korean product & used worldwide. The motto of Etude is to make makeup products which are playful to use.


All makeup brands have some strengths & weakness. The above top brands are the top makeup brands but it is better to try out & judge as each woman have different skin, complexion & looks. Don’t see an item you love? Anyone can share there review or experience with any other brand. We will love to review it & share our thought & people reviews.


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