Top 5 Iphone Essential Weather Apps

Weather Most of us will just want an app that forecasts the weather in our area for the next few days – and there are plenty of apps that perform that function. Indeed you’ve already got a free weather forecasting app on your iPhone.

To complement the existing Weather app we have trawled through the App Store for apps that will bring you additional weather-related information. There’s a deluge of weather-centric apps to choose from, which can make it a challenge to find which apps are essential (and which ones actually work!). When choosing our five essential apps we have gone for variety, to make sure that all your weather-related needs will be covered. You will then know when to reach for the umbrella or a tube of suntan lotion.

We’ve gone for apps that display the forecasts as attractive weather-themed videos, apps that display satellite cloud maps and radar images so you’re never caught out by Mother Nature. We’re sure you’ll agree that there are enough options on the App Store to satisfy most!

5 essential apps

01 Weddar


Price: Free Developer: 96 Til Infinity

More than your usual weather app, Weddar actually uses crowd sourcing in order to give you the forecast. Users upload their location and how it feels outside, whether it be ‘hot as hell’ or ‘feeling perfect’ then you’ll get a good idea of whether or not you’ll need that extra layer. Upload your own reports and you’ll work your way up the leaderboard as you get more reliable.

02 Weathermob

Weathermob iphone

Price: Free Developer: Weathermob
Similar in its lighthearted and usercentric nature to Weddar, Weathermob users can upload a weather report from where they are using the cool icons within the app, as well as images and even headlines to sum up how it makes you feel. You can explore by location and see the sort of images and videos that other users are posting, and how the weather is impacting on their mood.

03 Solar : Weather

Solar Weather iphone

Price: £1.49/$1.99 Developer: Hollr, Inc
Has to be included purely on the basis of its gorgeous and minimalistic UI. The main weather screen of the app is a fusion of two colours, the top half of the screen reflecting the type of sky you’re going to be under, while the lower half deals with the temperature – with red being hot and so on. You can scroll up for a 24-hour forecast and set different tiles on the home screen.

04 Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit iphone

Price: £0.69/$0.99  Developer: I.T.W.C
Most definitely the app for the weather conscious in a hurry, this app uses the notifications flag that appears on app icons in order to tell you the current temperature at your current location. This means that you can find out what it’s like outside without even needing to fire up an app. Simply unlock your phone and glance at the Fahrenheit icon.

05 The Weather  Channel

The Weather  Channel iphone

Price: Free Developer: Weather Channel
Very much the established name in this section, the official Weather Channel app comes with a multitude of impressive features to keep you on top of what Mother Nature is up to. Users can view simple forecasts and current temperatures, or see near-live radar pictures as well as video content.


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