Top 5 Iphone Essential Social networking Apps

Many of us spend more time socialising online than we do in the flesh, enabling us to sustain friendships with family, friends and colleagues over any distance. Your ever-present iPhone is a key tool in helping you keep up-to-date with your online friends. We’ll take a look at apps that let you find out who’s doing what, and discover apps to help you make cheap or even free calls to other iPhone users.

If you use any of the main social networking sites then you’ll find dedicated apps that let you access these sites with ease. We’ll take a look at the apps from big-hitters like Pinterest and a very good Twitter client, as well as keeping up with the social whirl we’ll also show you an app that will help you build and expand a network of business colleagues in an unusual way.

5 essential apps

01 Tweetbot for Twitter

Tweetbot for Twitter iphone

Price: £1.99/$2.99 Developer: Tapbots
This Twitter client has become so popular that a lot of users have now switched out entirely from the official app to this third party download. The app is a very clean and simple piece of software, with the ability to mute certain people or topics on your timeline so you can customise your feed. Tap any tweet and your reply options pop-up directly underneath. Everything in Tweetbot feels within reach at all times.

02 Skype

Skype iphone

Price: Free Developer: Skype Communications
With the brilliant calling service being available on your iPhone means that you can be within reach of your far-away loved ones no matter where you find yourself. The app also comes with an instant messaging service and normal voice calls if you’d rather be a bit more traditional in your communication method. Handily, you can also use Skype to call landlines if you invest in some in-app credit.

03 Pinterest

Pinterest iphone

Price: Free Developer: Pinterest
Pinterest allows you to create your own mood board of all the things you love. Anything you find can be pinned to one of the multiple boards you can create, and shared with other users. Others can start to follow you and re-pin things that you post, and you can do the same should you find something from someone else that you love.

04 Bump

Bump iphone

Price: Free Developer: Bump Technologies
The clever little app that uses the app on two devices and a little bump together to transfer information. Ideal for quickly exchanging photos with friends or contact details with someone you’ve just met. You can also instantly create connections via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

05 Find My Friends

Find My Friends iphone

Price: Free Developer: Apple
Find My Friends gives users the power to locate family and friends, and make that impromptu get together possible. Setup is simple and requires you just to sign in with your Apple ID, and then send requests to your friends to see their location. From this point you can check to see when they’re at the beach or in your favourite bar. The app even includes location-based alerts.


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