Start Your Business Through Facebook

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It is the era of technology & ways of business are changing. In my years of experience in social marketing I figured out many different techniques about increasing and promoting business. I am lucky that I got successful in many different ways of publicizing my business so I thought I should share some tips / suggestions & provide a path to people about expanding their business through social media sites especially through facebook.

Facebook is all about socializing. We connect with friends, relatives & colleagues share ideas, images, videos and notes with each other etc but benefits of facebook are far beyond.

Like Facebook can be very beneficial for promoting any cause, increase awareness among people about anything, and promote your business or Keep your fans connected through a page.

When you are thinking to earn some money by selling your art work/ collectables/ collection or you have just started designing wearable & WHOA! You are a born Designer but you are not finding any place to market them.

So the best approach is to try social marketing, create a facebook page & introduce new products by photo albums. Be professional give a perfect outlook of your business. Also add your contact details which will ultimately Show that you are serious & determined in your field.

Tip #1: Don’t publish your entire product’s images; we have to keep some for the future as clients always search for new products & designs

After Furnishing the page publish it & spread it between your friends & relatives and also tell them to promote it further among their friends. Being social has its own benefits but If you are not social & are quite a nerdy type than be alarmed that it will be very difficult for you to take your business to the next step.

It always matters, like do notice some people don’t have any thing special but they can speak & are very social then you will find them always on top & people getting inspired by them.

After trying all your luck with friends another way of getting more fans is to ask other pages to promote your page on their walls and vice versa. But I don’t like this technique as it is really time consuming & never give out the best results. The reason behind is that we need quality fans/ clients that can buy our products. The fans we will gain through other pages are much more potential for those pages only.

After grooming the page we are focusing on increasing the fans because more fans mean more potential clients & more earning.

Tip#2: Keep a good duration of time while posting next product. It is better to post it between 7pm – 11pm as fans are more active in these hours.

Another way of getting fans is to try facebook ads. It is the best approach to get potential clients. It has the best targeting techniques like you can show your ads to only single or married or make it visible for only certain age groups etc. You can also make your add available in certain city or country through geo location so people only from a specific area are targeted.

It required some investment but if the product is great & you think targeted user will love to buy it then facebook ads will be a great approach.

One thing more that will provide a boost in income is better understanding of what the customer needs and a professional approach towards the client and most importantly better communication skills that will help you further make progress. Professional behavior means, be lenient and pleasant & built a warm welcoming environment so people love to engage with you & you start earning much. Good luck!


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