Perfect Color Scheme for a Website

Selecting colors for a website design is same like searching for a perfect dress for a big party & you are getting confused what to wear.

The perfect condition is when your client provides you the colors to play with. It can happen in two conditions, firstly if the client’s company logo is already designed, let me clarify we always use the colors which are already present in the logo. Like for example if the logo colors are (Hex #cc2020 & #0a0da5) then our whole website will be the shade of these two colors.

White, grey & black are supporting colors, we use them to put energy in the design & they can be used in every web design.  We are avoiding other colors just to put some corporate & business look. If your customer demands or you think the website should be with lot of color like sites related to baby, Female accessories, picnic or any other trip website etc. then there should be no problem using a variety of colors other than those of logo & supporting colors.


Second condition applies when the client provides you the hex codes of colors he likes the most. Well frankly speaking if client is not providing the colors then try to find out where is his interest and taste lies by demanding them to show you the websites he or she has in mind or is inspired from, this will you make your worries less and you can easily figure out the design & plan what sort of colors you have to go with.

Let me give you a genuine example that will make it easy for you to understand how web designers pick up colors.

One of my client give an image that she wanted in her website, so I grabbed colors from that image as it is human nature that we like pictures the most in which our favorite colors are present.



Then I created the logo and web design from three colors I selected from the above palette & yeah it worked like a charm and always has. Client loved the design & got impressed. As I mentioned earlier taking color from client is the best approach & it always works. If we start building on our own then most probably the client will dislike the design and will not be pleased with your work.

Well obviously sometimes we need to select colors on our own so first search the web for related sites & see what are they using then make your own color pallet on adobe Photoshop / illustrator or what designing tool you are using. Then have a good hand on design keeping the color scheme in your mind.

Some Tips:

  • Try To use minimum colors to keep the design elegant.
  • Use supporting colors to put life & beauty in the design (supporting colors are white, grey, black).
  • Get continuous inspiration from different sites on the web until you are finished with the design.
  • Listen Slow light music but avoid both romantic & rock music.
  • Sign out from Facebook.
  • If you have a Girlfriend & she is on your mind while designing then I am warning you cannot create a good design.
  • Use Divider to separate header, footer content area, sidebar while designing so you can focus on each and every compartments separately one by one.

I hope it will help. Thank you for reading.


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